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Academy for pleasure is an au master-slave themed smut facebook roleplay. Kitten applications closed for now. 100 + members

Located in South-Korea the Academy contains Kittens, human beings with tails and kitten ears who can shift in adorable small kittens when they want. Their buyers, wolves, the richest people around, most of the time they are lonely and search for affection or a way to unleash their lust on someone. They are sold to the highest bidder and a life full of surprises start.

All of them are wanted @academy4pleasure

Wolves; deemed dangerous, dominant and cruel. 
Kittens; considered the most adorable being.

Both completely different 
Both living in the same world
And both craving the one thing everyone is looking for…love.

Here, one life can’t go on without the other.
Here, the only thing that matters is who you choose to be.

How to join  



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